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Opportunities to meet Sounding Bowls and Tobias Kaye face to face.
Chances to see, hear, hold and even play. Either at the Studio in Devon or at events around the world.

March 23 – 25

The Fair of Unusual Instruments.

Salon des Instruments Insolites:

A gathering of tonal exotica and delight

Hotel de la Poste, Brussels, Belgium

Sounding Bowls will have a stand and will be giving Sound Baths. Another excellent opportunity to meet, hold and play Sounding Bowls, to talk with Tobias and discover how quickly they affect how you feel.

Over 3000 visitors to this wide ranging event are expected.

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Website in French

22 April 2018

Playing your Sounding Bowl

Our regular workshop for owners AND would-be owners.
With Tobias Kaye

A valuable step for people who have a Sounding Bowl but potential users are also welcome and invited to follow this process as far as pleases them, we offer our support in every way including many Sounding Bowls at this event for you to play and experiment with.

This workshop will explore musicality and Sounding Bowl techniques from simple care issues to playing singly and even together, bringing a new level of understanding and appreciation for what your instrument can offer. This is a day that opens doors.

More info:


May 6:

Introductory workshop in Stroud, Glos.

Details and booking with Hawkwood


May 7:

Hawkwood College May Festival Free
Hold, see, play. Plus: 1hour workshop


June 2/3: What do you Wish?

This second Life-Story-Sound workshop is a New offering from Paul Jackson. From Finding our Voice within our story we can step up to manifesting the life we truly wished to live. Giving our gifts and fulfilling our karma are essential for our time, to lift this age into its true potential. Paul Jackson, workshop leader is Chair of the Society for Storytelling and a master weaver of individual and group experience. This non-confrontational play-workshop leads us towards our own deepest achievement. booking available


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October 20/21: Experience and Learn in Scotland

Two separate one-day Sounding Bowl workshops near Edinburgh. The Biggar Little Festival will include two good chances to discover the harmony and to learn how easy it is to play and care for a Sounding Bowl.

20 10 2018 Touching the Heart Strings.  Saturday

Our one day introductory workshop Looks at four levels of experience, asking “How come Sounding Bowls have such profound effects on people?” The wood, the sacred geometry, the care/craftsmanship in the making and the sound itself. Expect to leave this rich in inner harmony.

Hosted by Arcadia Music

21 10 2018 Playing with Sounding Bowls. Sunday

Playing a Sounding Bowl is child’s play. Literally any note sounds good. A few simple practices with no rules lead you into music without any knowledge or theory needed. This second of our two one-day workshops brings you deep into the nature of music itself simply by playing and listening, playing and listening till the harmonies already in your Sounding Bowl begin to sing together.

Hosted by Arcadia Music

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