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Playing your Sounding Bowl - 22 Oct 2017


Playing with Sounds is our second stage Sounding Bowls workshop. This is a valuable step for people who have a Sounding Bowl already as well as those seeking to choose or decide for themselves.

We will have a good selection of Sounding Bowls available for you to play and we will lead you through all you need to know to care for and get the best from your Sounding Bowl, covering: Tuning; Changing a string; How to make music with no musical knowledge; Finding your key-note; Discovering how harmony and dissonance work together; Playing for yourself; Playing with others; Meditating with sound and much more bringing a new level of understanding and enjoyment of what your instrument can offer.


The Sounding Bowls Studio, 11 Lower Dean, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0LS

10am to 4.30pm  Lunch provided

£70 or  Early-bird till Sept 15th – £58


Two new Life, Story, Sound workshops with Paul Jackson
March and June 2018


Two exciting new workshops for 2018.

Building on the joy and success of out Story, Sound and Life workshops in 2015 and 16 Paul Jackson is coming back to run TWO new ones. Together titled:

The Mythical Journey through sound to Voice

Life/Story Workshops using  Sounding Bowls

We invite you to Journey your Story through the Vibration of the Sounding Bowl.

Through sound we reach the Voice
Through the voice we reach the journey.
Through the journey we find our way.

Two workshops to flow into, through the vibration of the Sounding Bowls.

  • March 2018 Recap, re-discover, re-write your life through music, sound and voice
    • Here your story becomes something to own, not owned by.
    • Meet your story, own it, master it, then let it go.
  • June 2018 Bring your talents to the world, gain clarity and strength on for your ongoing life.

Paul Jackson, secretary of the Society For Storytelling became a favourite at Sounding Bowls through his previous life-story workshops. Paul’s particular blend of wisdom, insight and compassion makes his story-journeys an honour to be part of.

Two workshops means we can round up work we’ve done before: rediscover our mastery of where we are and then plan our leadership of where we are going.

  1. Finding your story: Discover the helper hidden therein; Meet your monster; Collect your ifs and buts; Turn stories around ~ become the Heroine / Hero, the Leader, Teller and Master of your story.
    March 20/21 2018  More
  2. What would you wish for yourself?’ Using both classic stories, sound and personal story to identify our issues. Discovering Source aspects of our being. Creating in your life the very best of yourself. Bringing your wishes to birth, manifesting your talents, giving your gift.
    This workshop will be about the Positive future:  Gaining clarity and strength on our future journeys; Positive thoughts encourage positive action; knowing what you want for yourself; Authoring your life-hence-forth.
    June 2/3 2018    More

These workshops are independent and linked. You may do one, either or both. If you have worked with Paul before you will naturally bring previous work as seed-value to grow with. If you have not you will discover in Either workshop plenty to come back for.

Sounding Bowls deepen your Presence in yourself.  Sounding Bowls lead you to the core of your being. As guides for deep story work they are without parallel. The Mythical Journey through Sound to Voice will awaken your innate direction, empower your best self, bring your talents closer to their goals.


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