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Playing The Sounding Bowls
Playing The Sounding Bowls
Playing the Sounding Bowls
How It Started
How It Started
How it started
The Sounding Bowls
The Sounding Bowls
The Sounding Bowls

Sounding Bowls open hearts, connecting you with your creativity, the source of your Being

There is something about a Sounding Bowl, it’s physical beauty, the extraordinary harmonic resonance of its sound, the touch and feel of it.  Sounding Bowls touch people like nothing else, opening hearts and initiating healing in places we had forgotten was possible.

What is a Sounding Bowl?

A Sounding Bowl is a musical instrument made to create healing sounds. Unique in world history, its strings are contained within the resonant sound-space and made from one whole piece of locally grown hardwood. These unique handcrafted instruments are used across the world by therapists, performers, hospitals, educational institutes and individuals, to heal, inspire and restore people’s connection to their heart.

Take a look at the four elements that form our Making Process.

How and who


Sounding Bowls are used in a variety of different settings as an instrument for healing. Artists, therapists, healers, hospitals, educational and research institutes use the bowls for sound-bath experiences, therapy, live performance and one-to-one healing sessions. Check out the feedback from our customers.

Or get your fix from Music therapists, sound healers playing at  one of our  studio events


Have we made your bowl already?
If not we can make it for you now!

“A form either sings where it stands or is forever silent.”

I have used it at work with 4 patients so far and have noticed in my dementia work that the more severely unwell the person is, the more profound the response.

Adrienne Freeman

This is the healing power of the bowl; it manages to bring together disparate and dissonant, disintegrated parts and bind them into a satisfying whole. This experience for anyone who feels any element of disharmony, disease or disenchantment, is restoring and relieving.

Liz Butt

My patients in forensic psychiatry have consistently been moved by the sounding bowl; it compels people to be creative.

James Robertson RMTH

Recording the Wind in the Branches album with Tobias was a balanced meeting of two beautiful acoustic instruments, the perfect arc of musical phrase and artistic collaboration. The result is transcendental acoustic, a timeless record of when English timber and Japanese bamboo met and the wind shook the branches.

Adrian Freedman, Shakuhachi master

After the Sound Bath I felt as though every cell in my body was affected, fed, sort of softened and more. Yes, My cells felt re-hydrated with beauty.

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