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The Mythical Journey Through Sound To Voice

The Mythical Journey through Sound to Voice

A workshop using personal story to bring harmony within and create positive paths going forward.

Two day workshop, Sat/Sun, March 17 – 18
£143 inc tea/coffee, lunch etc.

Whether you are working through something that has risen up as a challenge recently in your life or is some deeply rooted issue that you keep in the background; Both may effect your decisions that prevent you from living a full, healthy life.


 Sounding Bowls, Story and Discovery

We Invite you to journey  your Story through the Vibration of the Sounding Bowl:~

 Through sound.
we reach the Voice
Through the voice
we reach the journey.
Through the journey
we find our way.

 A workshop to flow into through the vibration of the Sounding Bowls. Here, your story becomes something to own, not be owned by. You meet your story, own it, master it and then let it go.


Over the two days we will be using a compendium of techniques developed in Paul’s previous Life-Story workshops:

Talking, Walking, Moving, Softening, Being


The Process

A story will be told , using a Sounding Bowl to create the landscape.

The Vibration of the Sounding Bowl is such that it brings you to a quiet place, opens up the imagination then warms the narrative path.

Discussions of this story.

Images and experiences through the spoken word bring us to ourselves.
Awaken our inner listening.

We recognise aspects of our own experiences.

These are shared firstly as a group about the story heard, then in pairs we share our stories.


The unravelling of story.

The signposts of our past journeys.

Through ownership, through voicing our own story we come to know ourselves.

Story~telling is also story letting go.

Each partner makes notes of major markings and or happenings in the story being relaid.
oing this with one other, as a pair, is what we all do in our lives; Telling our frustrations to someone, a close friend, a stranger.

Here, gently the stories unfold.
nd the journey begins.


Return to Group

Looking after your story

A remarkable aspect of this kind of story work is those who are there to help.

Helpers are very, very common in traditional stories the world over. It may be a talking bird, a giant kindly bear, or a wise woman with a fire to warm your soul….

You will tell them your story and they will listen
…you may write words for them, come to know them, for are they not so absolute and warm hearted?!
Praise poems release our anxious need to hold onto our inner stories. See how freeing it is to share them in this way.

We will learn to know and describe this Helper, this new friend of yours. What colour are their feathers? How warm is their fur, what makes the old Woman wise?

You may discover by this stage; remarkable things happen in The land of story.
You will be able to revisit where your story happened, and where it exists.

Pair work and group work combine during this stage.


Lunch, home made, vegetarian, organic.
Breaks around the woodstove in the workshop where Sounding Bowls are made are an important part of our workshops, feeding souls as much as bodies.


Meet your Monster

With your partner In the sure place of having your Helper at your side, you are both now guided to meet the Monster in your stories.

So how would you like to change your story? How do you overcome the monster?

Now that your story has been shared with a partner and written about, and given to the safe ownership of a Helper;

How would you like to change the Monster?

They may become ridiculous in how they look, how they speak, what happens when they arrive; in this part of the process you may uncover their weakness. At this point you can choose an object, a book, tool, weapon that will overcome them. Maybe the book holds their secret, perhaps your helper will give you a tool that will unravel your monster and turn them into a harmless little yellow fish! Maybe along your narrative path you can open a door and find a magical weapon that will put all the most terrible sounds of the world onto a spoon which you can then pour into the ears of your monster, and you will see them hopping around in fury and in every hop they get smaller and smaller until they are so small a fly would be there size. Be prepared to be surprised and how wonderfully funny this can be.


As before pairs and circle work combine to bring out the threads in this section, as is a guided visualisation.


Mythological possibilities.

The what if’s, the maybe’s , the if only’s.

This is the time to change your story; so it does not own you anymore, you own it and are the master of it.

In story anything is possible.

We ourselves don’t have to be the victim we can turn our stories round and become the Heroine or the hero. Feel how good it feels to be like this!

Once we are there, in that place of strength, owning our story, sharing our story becomes easier of course.

We are strong, the outcome becomes ours to choose.

This is the end of the first day. Time to sleep and dream and rest.


Day Two

You are likely to feel energised. We will walk in the way we feel. Breathe in the air.

A Sounding Bowl welcome with Tobias and Paul

Helping you to choose a Sounding Bowl then find the sounds, the notes, the harmonies that make your inner self glow.


Where are you now? how do you feel inside? What would you like to share? What’s in your dreams, your hopes?


Working with your partner.

At this point We choose what we need to go forward. When we have enough emotional strength and clarity of how we want to be. Now you and your partner can support one another, revisit the landscape of your original story.

take note of how you might feel different now. Where is your Helper, have they looked after the story overnight?

What are your magical Gifts? Describe them ~ they cannot be all powerful. What can they do?  Pair work


Walk your story either together or alone. A very important part of story is physical. The actual act of walking and movement helps the letting go.  Just as clear positive movement, action and voice increase ownership and empowerment. You  may choose to use Sound and a Bowl again here. Re-enact the story of old, with you now empowered.  Telling and letting are co-creative acts. Letting go our binds happens in telling and retelling our re-imagined, re-structured story. You become thus the Heroine or Hero of your own life story


Be open to surprises.

 Parts of these processes are about rewiring our thinking patterns. Story is very powerful  in the matter of deepening the paths of your new journeys and new experiences. This means that other negative experiences have a far less chance to hold you or distract you for so long before the positive experiences begin remove them.


Thus we create new landscapes:

As a group. A led Visualisation with Sounding Bowls.

Imagine you amid your landscape…..perhaps there’s a lush grassy hill, a waterfall, maybe your on a beach? or on your back watching clouds…

imagine, imagine, imagine…


With words and simple drawing, (art materials supplied) draw out a new landscape where you feel at ease, unthreatened. A green hill, lush with grass swaying in the breeze…draw it talk about it, build it. What do you need there?

 Here we arrive in the manner of who we are now ~ The Hero or Heroine of our story.

There will be a follow up workshop,  June 2 – 3,  taking this process of re-creating our story onwards into the future: 

check out  What is it you want for yourself?

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