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Heart Bowl in Yew


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Heart Bowl in Yew. Variable tunings. Discount for first week only.


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Heart style Sounding Bowls are the most intimate, ideal for the deepest inner work with clients or alone.
Yew adds a profound depth of subtlety.
The 9-string size can play in the both the modern western scales and in the pentatonic scale, traditional since before the Romans came. Still heard in Celtic music this tuning has a lilting innocence that makes any sequence of notes sound lovely – there are no dissonances, you simply can’t hit a ‘wrong note.’
Click below to listen to either the pentatonic tuning or to the modern major scale.
Made by Wilfred in his ninth month of apprenticeship this piece exhibits his steadiness, giving a warm tone and holding its tuning really well.


595 click to play Pentatonic     
595 click to play diatonic     


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Weight 16.3 kg
Dimensions 56 × 56 × 26 cm


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