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Bridging Bowl in Walnut


5.0 (1 review)

Bridging Bowl in Walnut, 10 string


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Occasionally we make a bowl that turns out to have particularly expressive visual harmony. This piece has a wonderful balance of Rosewood and Boxwood with the rich warmth of the local walnut. A true classic of design and finish.

Bridging bowls have 2 fans of strings, one over the other, these interact giving rich, intense overtones, and a resonance like no other.

Walnut adds richness and depth to any instrument. With 10 strings this bowl gives a bell like clarity and a beautiful scintillation of notes, clearing the air like sun after a spring shower.

This bowl is made by Joe Hornby at the original Sounding Bowls studio in Devon


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Weight 9.1 kg

1 review for Bridging Bowl in Walnut

  1. Rosalind Daws

    I was very blessed to work with this bowl for a few weeks. It spoke to me very clearly as soon as I saw it. It has such a strong presence and clear spirit. Working with it was a journey of discovery as I’m not a musician. At first it seems like playing a lyre or a harp but then the overtones rebounded at me from the bowl and something profound happened. My conscious mind would question this but each time I played it happened. The bowl worked with me with the fears that sat at the back of the brain. I helped me with family patterns and energetics that came through my family line. It helped me move through fear about not being able to play it. It guided my exploration and let me know clearly when enough had been done for that session. Walnuts are good for the brain and it helped several people who had damage to the brain during that time. The energy shift that happened in the last session was profound. It also helped me break out of an old pattern within my relationship that linked back to my childhood. Great for shadow work – bringing the fear locked in the unconscious to light – though that was partly the tuning that it wanted me to use. I fell in love with this Being in the time I worked with it. A deeply powerful and beautiful and vibrantly alive guide to healing with sound.

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