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Lyre Bowl in Ash – 17strings


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17 strings, #609

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As a sound-therapy tool Lyre Bowls are really powerful. What a gong-bath can achieve in an hour you can do within ten minutes with a bowl like this. The advantage of tuned notes is that they touch the innate harmonies that construct the body itself. The chords in this tuning lie within the frequencies of the Fibonacci Sequence, the rules by which the nerves divide and the cells of the body multiply. Sounding this around a body gives a profound and deep experience of refreshment and not uncommonly releases deep-seated emotional tension.

Extra lightweight and smaller than most 17 string Lyre Bowls this is a developmental piece in our tuning research. Using a new tuning that emphasises the importance of the dominant-fifth interval (which touches the chakra in the soles of the feet) this bowl can help a person to both release and to centre and ground themselves. Listen to the Chordal tuning below.

This bowl can also be tuned to a full diatonic scale as in the diatonic sample below for making music but its strength lies in the harmonic power of its chord-setup.

Ash has the energy of youthful enthusiasm, a sun-loving sense of direction and purpose. The blue pegs add sky-brightness to the looks.

Lighter and smaller than most 17 string Lyre Bowls this piece offers the smaller person a chance to perform full-spiral sound baths. See video here

609 Click to play chordal     
609 Click to play diatonic     

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