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Baby Bowl Tulip-Poplar


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Sounding Bowl #657


657 Hebridean     

These smallest Melody Bowls have 7 strings in the ancient pentatonic tunings. With no ‘wrong notes’ these scales are richly rewarding for those who have, till now believed they are “just not musical.” Professionals find them excellent with children, even newborns have been shown to have profound, health giving responses in deepened breathing, strengthened heartbeat and more. In a Neo-Natal Intensive Care unit in France hundreds of babies made the turn from fading vital signs to ‘in recovery’ following just 20 minutes of Baby Bowl ‘treatment.’
Mothers around the world play these to their unborn children. I used one for lullabies with my own children.
Tulip trees grow tall with large leaves and magnolia-like flowers. They have a gentle presence and soft wood, reminding me of a sheep whose warm gentleness is expressed in their wool as well as their playful lambs.
Made by Master Sounding Bowl maker, Ramon in his Salzburg, Austria studio, this is a warm and gentle instrument that can change lives.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 25 cm


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