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Lyre Bowl in Birch – 15 strings


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Serial #622


Lyre Bowls of this size are large enough for the chord-tuning used in Sound Baths. They can also be tuned to a scale with two full octaves of notes. Sharps and flats can be arranged to give any mode or scale as shown on the manual that comes with it. Radiant strings give alternating string patterns rich in overtones and encouraging novel improvisations as in the African music they come from. Birch has a particularly emotive tone that touches deep places. The blue pegs offset the caramel colours of the birch highlighting the brighter aspects of the instrument. Carved undersides like this one add a textural element to the beauty the eyes and ears receive. Texture speaks to the subverbal, accessing our deepest senses.
This Lyre Bowl comes with a suitably beautiful, flight proof, soft-padded, hard case. An auto-tuner and fine adjustment handle.

In this recording you can hear the chord-tuning used for soundbaths followed by a short tune in a full-scale tuning in A.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 20 cm


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