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The Mythical Journey Through Sound To Voice

The Mythical Journey through Sound to Voice

What would you wish for yourself:

A workshop using personal story to find and affirm our direction and purpose: Giving our Gift

Two day workshop, Sat/Sun, June  2 – 3

In the March 2018 workshop we looked at life so far, stories and troubles. This time we shall concentrate on the future, working Creatively with our stories going forward.

Recognising what we don’t yet have and building to become who we know we can be.

We will look inside, using the heart opening Sounds of the Bowl, to deeply centre, visualise our internal journeys and thus to come to know our inner selves, the Us who is waiting to wake up and journey through story.
Story empowers our own gifts, they are made magical through the mythological proportions applied to them: Its like using a magnifying glass to help us to see our personal Strengths and Choices.


‘What would you wish for yourself?’

In understanding our own stories, we come to a greater understanding not only of who we are now but who we would like to become. The highest and the best of ourselves.

Stories are a reflection of each of us. They contain the elements of our journeys, our experiences, our lessons. The highs and the lows. The joys and the sorrows.

Now in this time of great change, we need to be our best; our True selves.

In past workshops we have worked with what you have been through and what we are still working through, Through story, sound and narrative vision.

This workshop is about the Positive Futures.
About gaining clarity and strength on our future journeys.

What is it you want and need for yourself?

Story, Sound, and narrative vision we will see and create the road ahead.

Positive thoughts become the vision for positive action, which in turn
Becomes the Clarity of knowing what you want for yourself

Gaining that Clarity we will be better equipped to make choices.


And in that clear state of the ‘Highest and the Best’ we will start creating positive stories for ourselves.


“Now I know who I can be,

How grounded I am to this earth and those I have around me

What right do I have to be any less!’


‘What greater wish would you have for yourself  than to be yourself’


This workshop builds on the techniques and processes of the March workshop.
You do not have to do one to attend the other. More details of this second weekend to follow.

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